Create Visual Impact with vibrant, compelling ads positioned right in front of your target audience.

You can choose from three sizes: 11” x 17”, 17” x 22” or 8.5” x 11” high quality, print ads.

Flagship Media will work with you to create your ad or you can supply us with the advertising materials. Either way, you’ll have a full-color, poster-quality ad mounted in a high quality frame and displayed in waiting areas, inside restrooms, over changing tables and inside locker rooms in Delaware’s most popular locations: restaurants, sports bars, nightclubs, fitness clubs, sports arenas.

  • Cost Effective – The lowest cost per thousand advertising, about a half cent per reader.
  • Flexibility – Indoor clients change the ad as often as monthly, allowing clients to take advantage of sales, specials and holiday promotions.
  • Full Color/Uncluttered – Your company will be represented with beautiful full color ads that are not mixed in with 100’s of other ads and competing information as they would be with most newspaper or magazine ads.

Flagship Media Indoor can reach up to ½ million customers each month in Delaware. And the demographics in Delaware are outstanding – high income levels, education and discretionary income.

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